Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year Kids!

Hi Kids!

Wow...the time certainly gets by me! Again I have gone a few weeks without updating you on my travels. I have several projects going, and one of them I will point out to you in just a minute.

Since my last message to you, I have been traveling through Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California. Yesterday I got right next to the Mexican border in Otay Mesa in California. Can you see on the map how close that is to Mexico?

We get a lot of stuff from Mexico, and we send a lot of stuff to them. This is called "trade"...we get stuff from them, and they get stuff from us. We have a driver that comes from Mexico to pick up an empty trailer from a special parking lot in the USA and then takes it back to Mexico to be loaded. Once that trailer is loaded, the driver brings it back to the USA to the special parking lot and will leave it there for us to pick up.

This load I have now is going to Las Vegas, Nevada and I will be there this morning sometime. Then on to a new adventure!

The pictures I have posted with this note to you are of me taken last month, Kristy in the snow last month and a cute picture Kasie drew for me of a ladybug.

So...back to my projects. As you know, I like to take pictures! Well, I have a new site where I have posted only my best of the best pictures. Please take a moment to take a look at them. Also, I have been updating that site about every 2 days so check back at look at my new pictures often. Here is my new photoblog of my BEST pictures. Just click on the link:

Trucker Tony's Photoblog

I still will be posting pictures here, and I REALLY need to update my Photobucket links to the left of this blog. I promise to do that soon. I have several new pics of my girls to show you. And Kristy is getting big!

I have noticed new comments from you kids and I will look at those and respond to them. I hope you have a great day! Will talk to you soon kids!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Working in Iowa Today

Hey Kids!

Today I spent the day in Iowa. I delivered Kelloggs cereal to Sioux City, Iowa.

Can you find Sioux City, Iowa on the map?

That is my truck above as they unloaded the cereal. The sunset picture was taken the night before in Iowa also.

I am leaving tomorrow with a load going to Nebraska. I am working my way towards my house in Southern Utah for Christmas. Talk to you soon kids!


Monday, December 7, 2009

Paper Rolls Delivered in St. Louis

Hi kids!

This is my truck parked at the receiving dock in E. St. Louis, Illinois. The other picture shows the paper rolls I delivered.

Notice that if you look at the first roll at the bottom, there is a piece of wood there. That is nailed into the floor up against the paper roll so that those heavy rolls will not move during transit. These rolls weighed over 21 tons!

Have a great day kids!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gateway Arch St. Louis Missouri

Hi Kids,

This is a picture of the famous St. Louis Arch, otherwise known as the Gateway Arch. It is very famous here in the United States and if you have not seen pictures of it yet, you will throughout your life. Here are some fun facts about the Arch:

-It's our tallest National Monument at 630 feet high
-Construction began Feb 2, 1963 and finished Oct 28, 1965
-The shape of the Arch is known as a catenary curve and is considered the most structurally sound arch shape
-The span of the Arch legs at ground level is 630 feet wide, the same as it's height
-There is a tram inside the Arch that can take you to the top of the Arch
-The Arch weighs 17,246 tons with 900 tons of stainless steel.
-It cost $13 million to build. The tram cost $3.5 million
-The Arch can sway 9 inches in either direction in a 150 mph wind

These and other facts can be seen at http://www.gatewayarch.com

Have a great day kids!


Happy Sunday

This was a pretty sunset in Missouri on Saturday Dec 5th. As you know, I love sunsets.

I love driving on Sunday's like today because I listen to Christian praise music all day.


My Computer Has Been Down!

Hi Kids!

My computer has been broken for almost a month and I have been unable to write to you. However, I just figured out how to update you using my phone so let's see if this works.

Today I am in Missouri heading to St. Louis. I have 7 huge rolls of paper that weigh 42,000 pounds.

So far the weather in the mid-west is very cold, but clear. I hit some snow in El Paso, Tx, but it was just a little bit and didn't affect my driving.

Now that I have found a way to talk to you, please write me back and let me know what you are learning in school. Have a great day kids!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Let's Use This Site!

Hey Kids!

I have decided to keep this as the main site for us to talk to each other. It is easier to use, however you can still check my other site every now and then for updates and new pics that I may not post here!

I have been very busy the past several weeks! I started out in Chicago, Illinois and then went to Toronto, Canada. The picture above is from Toronto that I took of the CN Tower there. You can click on the picture to make it bigger if you want. From there I have been to Boston, East Rutherford, Washington DC, Charlottsville, Raleigh and now I am in Atlanta, Ga. Tonight when I will head south to Tampa, Fl and from there start heading west.

Here are a few links to look at some pictures I have taken over the past few weeks. Click on the first picture in the album to make it bigger and then just click the "next" button for the next picture until you have seen all of them.

Washington DC Pictures

Atlanta, Ga Pictures

Toronto, Ontario Canada Pictures

Let me know what you kids are doing in class and what you are learning! I'll talk to you soon. Be good kids!